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 Royalty And Loyalty Various Artist releases

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PostSubject: Royalty And Loyalty Various Artist releases    Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:59 am

Art cover:

Killaz Ghetto Global Crew Presents - Royalty & Loyalty Various Artist releases (S.H.I.Z.O Toxico Prod.)
"Killaz Ghetto Global Crew Inc" Producers & Promoters And Beats Makers.
Hip-Hop/Rap/Underground/Hardcore/Crunk/Street/Gangsta Music!
Featuring & Colaborations:
Various Artist:
S.H.I.Z.O TOXICO Ft Nina Sensuality - Mixtape (Track)
Nina Sensuality Ft Raxa - Mixtape (Track)
Ras Kalipssus Ft Nina Sensuality - Mixtape (Track)
Denero De La 580 Ft Nina Sensuality - Mixtape (Track)
Killaz Ghetto Global Crew Inc

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Track List:

1-) Stupid Motha Fucka - S.H.I.Z.O Ft Nina Sensuality (3:59)
2-) I Gotta An Oozie - Nina Sensuality Ft S.H.I.Z.O (3:44)
3-) Corrompu - S.H.I.Z.O Ft Nina Sensuality (3:53)
4-) I Live For My Ghetto - Nina Sensuality Ft Mighty Kalipssus(Ghost Rogue prod.) (3:35)
5-) Ferme Ta Gueule - Nina Sensuality Ft S.H.I.Z.O (4:05)
6-) Polemique Remix - S.H.I.Z.O. Ft B.O.N.E.R (3:57)
7) Fais Ta Life - S.H.I.Z.O Killaz Ghetto Global Crew (3:53)
8-) Bitches Drugs And Money - Nina Sensuality Ft S.H.I.Z.O (2:31)
9-) Dark Dove - Nina Sensuality (Shizo Toxico Prod.) (3:15)
10-) Mec Tu Veux Du Fucka - S.H.I.Z.O Ft P.E.R.S.O (3:46)
11-) Ferme Ta Gueule Remix - Nina Sensuality Ft S.H.I.Z.O (4:00)
12-) Prayer In Tha Inferno - Nina Sensuality (Killaz Ghetto Prod.) (3:00)
13-) Hors-La-Loi - S.H.I.Z.O - Killaz Ghetto Crew (3:55)
14-) Gangsta Life - Nina Sensuality Ft Denero De La 580 (3:45)
15-) Mi Esencia - Raxa (4:35)
16-) We Will Make It - Raxa Ft Nina Sensuality (Killaz Ghetto Prod.) (3:19)

2012 ©Killaz Ghetto Global Crew Copyright All Rights Reserved.




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Royalty And Loyalty Various Artist releases
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