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 What's up, ya'll

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What's up, ya'll Empty
PostSubject: What's up, ya'll   What's up, ya'll 2m7ydllMon Nov 21, 2011 12:08 pm

Yeah, Crono here being courteous and annoying. As most of you DON'T know, I'm strict, and don't take jokes lightly. Telling me to loosen up wont make a difference, and I will enjoy serious conversations. Small verbal jokes are fine, but if you try pulling a trick, you're out of here. Anyways, I have many interests including "Anime", "Manga", "Power Metal", "J-Hip hop", "Video Games", and art in general. Anyways, I'm second in command, I will get rid of any tricksters that I spot. Anyhow, I'm mature, outgoing, and willing to help. If you need anything "forum-wise", post it here. Now get posting ^^

What's up, ya'll Cronosig2-1e945eb
Second in command, here. If you need any "Language" help, then I'm your man.
The first in command, yeah...he isn't so good in English. geek
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What's up, ya'll
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